The Macra Terror

The Macra TerrorTARDIS
This was a nice thing to do. Tom and Peter at DWM felt the magazine was missing the weighty reviews of old episodes now the DVD releases had stopped (or so it seemed – then cameth
The Underwater Menace, of which more another time). Hence the notion of starting an occasional series getting to grips with mostly missing stories that were never going to get a commercial release. Although, let’s see if the upcoming BBC Shop has any impact upon that…

I picked The Macra Terror to start the segment off for two reasons; I didn’t know the story and thought I’d like it. It’s only four episodes, and the deadline was tight. Sometimes, that’s what it comes down to. So, from DWM #491.

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The Enemy of the World

Enemy of the WorldThis, and the next seven posts which will follow – umm – in time, are all from DWM #474, and that big poll feature.

I wouldn’t want to have reviewed Enemy on DVD, particularly not in the wake of Matthew Sweet’s excellent DWM piece that accompanied its iTunes release. But here? Sure, with a smaller word count and the fact there was one specific idea I wanted to play with, I was keen. Continue reading