The Claw of Axos

The Claws of AxosDVDThe killer, when reviewing Doctor Who DVD releases, is the VAM.

How to address these additional features? Should you always have to account for the fact they’re put together on a tiny budget, and convey more verve and imagination than any other ‘extra’ material on any other range? Should you  approach them with a sense of gratitude? Have that mitigate any criticism? It’s a tough one (although the implicit answer, of course, is “no”).

From my point of view, most of the extras on the DW range are solid and, from any sensible standpoint, they deliver. And, while we’re lucky to have them, there has been some money involved – even if it’s a pittance. Plus they appear on product that we pay for, and that alone means I think they should be subjected to a fairly robust appraisal. But I do still marvel that they exist.

This is from DWM #455.

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Revisitations 3 box set

DVDNot a huge amount of ‘added value’ in this preamble, I’m afraid.

This is from DWM #445, and I guess continues my stint reviewing the Revisitation series (see here and here).
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Myths and Legends box set

DVDFrom DWM #421. And I think it was the box set releases that ultimately caused me to quit regularly reviewing DVDs for the magazine. So many man hours…    Continue reading