More from the poll feature in DWM #474, and count yourself lucky I deleted a good deal more hopeless riffing around Lennie Bennett’s
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Revisitations 2 box set

DVDWhile Gary Gillatt was busy with the Mara boxset, I snuck back into the DVD reviewing pages with this. 

Reviewing the three stories in the format I opted for here took a small leap in imagination, chunking it up into three mini-reviews rather than one narrative. Since then, where possible, I’ve inserted lists and the like in the copy, cos I think it’s good to break up the flow.

This is from DWM #433 and presented here with an additional joke about Toby Hadoke, which was excised from the finished piece presumably due to grounds of quality (ie. lack of).
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Kamelion Tales Collection

DVDMy final effort from DWM #423. This one was published credited to ‘James Kargoh’, rather than myself, as a bit of fun in deference to The King’s Demons

I really, really hated the ‘special edition’ of Planet of Fire on this release, and remember the spite pouring from me as I wrote the curt few lines about it below. It felt quite brutal, but when I saw it again on the printed page, it wasn’t so cutting. A lesson, there. 

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