Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Death in HeavenTARDIS
And so we reach the end of
Doctor Who series eight, a run I’ve found particularly challenging to write about. I guess I’ll say a little bit more about that in the next post

Until then, it’s season finale time. This review first appeared in DWM #481.

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Time Heist

Time HeistTARDIS
And so we move on to DWM #479.

Trying to work up that ‘the con is on’ gag below, I went on to Twitter (here I am) asking for suggestions about what normally passes for curtain-up at a
Doctor Who convention. I got a few funny responses, but nothing that told me what actually happens. Ah, Twitter.

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Robot of Sherwood

Robot of SherwoodTARDIS
More from DWM #478. Two things come to mind. 

Upon transmission of this story, as we all know, the scene where the Sheriff was decapitated was removed. However, my review was actually written about the pre-edited version, and indeed, I even quote a line of dialogue that didn’t go out on the Saturday night. Presumably, though, a future DVD release will see the story become available as it was intended, and that’ll be the one that’s absorbed into the canon.

Secondly, almost for no good reason, I have a pop (not for the first time) at ‘spoiler-free previews’, the internet’s equivalent of a noisy neighbour leaning over your fence and giving you their opinion of your evening’s plans. Sigh. 

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Into the Dalek

Into the DalekTARDIS
My own ‘rules’ for writing these reviews are as follows.

– Watch the story twice. One of those times (not necessarily the first) being for fun.
– Complete the piece before the next episode is available to view. (NB. I broke that rule last week, but never again).
– Don’t get too hung up on any illogical bits in a plot, not because they don’t matter, but if you tackle them in much detail, it’s a boring read.
–  Try and be direct in criticism or praise. I still have a tendency to hedge.
– Never, ever, use the word ‘meme’

The following is from DWM #478.

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