Sleep No More

Sleep No MoreTARDIS
I loved
Sleep No More. I proselytised about it to my wife, who doesn’t follow   Doctor Who. I made her watch it. I probably dropped horrendous knowing hints to friends – “Next Saturday’s is amazing” – and awaited the happy revelation for everyone that this series was just getting better and better…

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Robot of Sherwood

Robot of SherwoodTARDIS
More from DWM #478. Two things come to mind. 

Upon transmission of this story, as we all know, the scene where the Sheriff was decapitated was removed. However, my review was actually written about the pre-edited version, and indeed, I even quote a line of dialogue that didn’t go out on the Saturday night. Presumably, though, a future DVD release will see the story become available as it was intended, and that’ll be the one that’s absorbed into the canon.

Secondly, almost for no good reason, I have a pop (not for the first time) at ‘spoiler-free previews’, the internet’s equivalent of a noisy neighbour leaning over your fence and giving you their opinion of your evening’s plans. Sigh. 

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The Crimson Horror

The Crimson HorrorTARDISI felt like I wrote this one in a bit of a hot fog. My favourite story of the year, and I had lots to say, but I tend to find that after I’ve been turning reviews out every week, I reach a point where I feel a bit confused. Part of that is I’m becoming overly concerned by reacting to what I’ve written so far; trying to vary things, kick away writing crutches and the like.

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Night Terrors

TARDISThis review took me just a couple of hours, the quickest I’ve ever written for the magazine. As such, I don’t have a huge amount to add, other than recalling that I originally had that first line as: “Dolls. Shudder! Dolls are scary!” But then realised I was aping the rather staccato and repetitive delivery that Doctor Who – and a lot of BBC shows at the moment – use to connote they’re saying something light-hearted. So I changed it. 

Sorry, not much of an anecdote. Anyway, this is from DWM #439.

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Victory of the Daleks

TARDISFrom DWM #422, and the cause of some slight furore online, with contributors to the Gallifrey Base forum expressing disbelief I could possibly have liked the new-look Daleks. Eventually, DWM editor Tom Spilsbury posted on there an excitable text I’d sent him while watching the preview disc as ‘proof’ my opinions were honestly held. Reading the thing back now, man oh man I quote a lot from the episode. Not sure why. I think, maybe, I felt it made me closer to the ‘text’. Continue reading