The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Dalek Invasion of EarthThe next thing from DWM #474’s poll feature, and it was rewarding, as a consequence of this piece, to discover a lot of other folk also have strong memories of That’s Television Entertainment. “Hello – zzzip!”

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Death to the Daleks

DVDBack! Back! Back! On a bit of a drive to increase my freelance output, I asked Tom and Peter if DWM had any work going for me. Much of this review was written on a train journey, returning from Glasgow to London. Until that point, I’d been struggling to join up the metaphorical dots in the piece, but then – mainly because I had little else to occupy my time – I kind of cracked it. 

Tom, upon receiving it, told me, “I’m very happy with that one!” (which, I always think, implies he’s not so keen on my other stuff) while Peter said it was the best review I’d written for them. That was nice.

When DWM #449 was published, online someone opined: “I thought the Graham Kibble White review of Death to the Daleks was dreadful. It felt like it was cut and pasted from a larger article and ended up in the magazine as disjointed paragraphs , it seemed very odd.”

Here it is…
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The Space Museum/The Chase

DVDHah! Well there’s a tiny bit of a story to tell with this one, from DWM #420…

And it begins with this,  photographic evidence. I really did spot – and then push myself upon – William Russell in Wagamama one lunch time, an incident I wrote about in my review.That's really William Russell in Wagamama, Camden

It was a happy coincidence. I was about to start work on this thing, and aside from helping me view the episodes more kindly than perhaps I might, it gave me an additional bit of business for the piece which, for a change, actually seemed worthwhile.

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The Dalek War box set

DVDFrom DWM #415, then, and, like my review of The Keys of Marinus, here’s a longer draft than the one I ultimately submitted to the magazine. I think it’s the last instance when I kept an older version of a piece before hacking it back to meet the word-count. After this one, I grew less precious about striking through my own work. Which is a good thing.  Continue reading

The Keys of Marinus

DVDWhen I heard Gary Gillatt was giving up reviewing DVDs, I sent Tom Splisbury a text to offer my services. Hey, that’s how this kind of thing works. And, probably by dint of the fact I was available, keen and good with deadlines, I got the job. Here’s the first one I completed, and this is an early even longer version, which I then edited down before submission. It’s a piece that’s trying awfully hard. From DWM #414… Continue reading