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TARDISAnd here we are. My last thing published under Tom Spilsbury as DWM‘s editor. ‘End of an Era’ said the cover line, for all sorts of reasons.

Tom is the person who invited me to become the magazine’s ‘new series’ reviewer. I can’t remember why. I can just recall being at a press screening for ‘The Waters of Mars‘ and he asking me if I’d enjoyed it. I think I’d been gently pestering him for a while whenever I saw him at events. Either dropping hints or asking outright if I could do ‘something’. Suddenly, I was through the door, and completely thrilled about it.

I still am.

Along the way, he proved hands off in terms of moderating what I wrote, but a brilliant sounding board whenever I needed it. We spoke a lot about ‘The Caretaker‘ review, for example, and he helped me find a way to say what I wanted to.

Thanks again, Tom – you were my Doctor Who Magazine editor.

This is from DWM #515.

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OxygenTARDISOh dear. That plot point where the Doctor turns blind. I have a real problem with storytelling based around arbitrary obstacles, like this. Because you just know the character will be blind, until the show requires him not to be again.

Anyway: Another from DWM #513.

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